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Charlotte Oliver

I am a recent graduate of Earth Systems Science with a minor in Urban Studies. I plan on entering a Master's program to continue my studies and gain a more in depth understanding of the Earth systems. I am particularly interested in how human activities impact biodiversity, marine ecosystems, and overall ocean health. The oceans cover 71% of Earth’s surface and play a vital role in the Earth systems. The oceans act as a carbon sink, thanks to phytoplankton. Not only do these microorganisms consume CO2 during respiration, release oxygen during photosynthesis, and participate in long term carbon storage by sinking to the bottom of the ocean upon death, but they are at the base of the marine food web, affecting even the largest of marine mammals. Phytoplankton communities can be effected by rapid changes occurring to ocean biogeochemistry, due to inputs such as wastewater and CO2. As human population continues to increase, it is ever more important that there is a clear understanding of the affects and how to best manage the oceans.

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