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Marine Ecosystems

& Global Change

Course Description

In this course students identify key environmental factors in marine ecosystems that could be affected by global change, and articulate the relevant scientific, technological, economic, social, political, human health, and other relevant drivers and implications.

Students master communicating about environmental issues in a dynamic and interesting way that is free of technical jargon and accessible to a range of audiences.

Aquatic Field Methods

Course Description

In this course students pose hypotheses, design sampling plans, conduct field research methods, and carry out statistical analyses that are relevant to aquatic field research.

Aquatic field sites covered in the course include marine, estuarine, and fluvial systems.

Geological, physical, chemical, and biological methods are covered. We explore concepts ranging from minerology to ocean acidification to tide pool ecology.

Local and Regional Environmental Issues

Local and Regional Environmental Issues

Course Description

In this course students explore the scientific and societal aspects of terrestrial and aquatic  environmental issues that are locally relevant to Orange County, Southern California, and the west coast of the USA.  

Featured guest lecturers who are leaders in their fields share up-to-date information on environmental science topics and career paths.

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